She has you chill the crust after rolling it because she doesn’t have you chill it before — her pie dough is rolled out right away. Pie was soup. Finally reporting back! I do agree it could be too thin, though. Made this last night and it turned out beautifully! How did it work out? How was it when it cooled? This pie let the apples shine! I am literally pouring liquid out from my baked and cooled pie. Instructions beyond this are too long to add to this comment here but it’s worth researching. Second, you want to keep the dough cold, cold, cold. With a bright future ahead, the apple needed a name to uniquely identify it … Do you use a mandolin to get the appls so thin? This comment has nothing to do with the pie (which I wish could be teleported straight into my mouth! You have to adjust Paula’s recipe by 1.5 times to create extra dough, as you need more dough (about 14-15 ounces instead of the 11 ounces recommended by Stella) for the lattice strips. Some apples have it as a flavor component, so if you like it.. you might want to emphasize it a bit. My bottom crust baked just fine (I warmed a baking sheet and placed the pie pan on top). It seemed gummy and tough, though the apples were delicious. I totally agree that Stella Parks is a baking wizard; she comes up with the most amazing ideas and techniques! I’m not following her recipe exactly; I just applied a few of the tricks here. Deb Perelman, award-winning blogger and New York Times best-selling author of The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook, understands that a happy discovery in the kitchen has the ability to completely change the course of your day. But Deb, Stella says to macerate for 3 hours and then to chill the crust after shaping for 2… Should that be done or does it not matter? Without the lemon juice, how do the apples not brown before baking? Bake for 75 minutes, turning once or twice for even color. On a microplane would be nice. 2¾ cups flour. Anyone ever use it? I didn’t have tapioca starch but cornstarch worked just fine. My filling was perfectly set, by the way, even with all those juice and the bottom crust was as crisp as the top. Who knew I didn’t want lemon juice?? I like the look of the lattice pie, but if I do it, I will cover the sheet pan with foil before baking…it looks like you have a real scrubbing job to do…even if you soak the pan first. Any suggestions about the baking time and temp for a frozen apple pie? We still have some in the fridge and have been taking slices of it all week. I think people whose crust has been burning/overcooked may have been rolling the crust too thin: it should just barely overlap the edges of the pie dish when put in. Looks awesome and I have a ton of apples on my hands from an apple pie picking trip. I am going to send your post to her as I am sure she will like it. Feb 24, 2017 - thirst quenchers for grownups. My one and four year old loved it. Oopsie! ( A sister was a plant science major-she even gifted me a Mutsu Tree once, it was pretty happy in my yard, but I moved from that house.) More pie! Why not a hybrid: a hard-crack caramel apple? Just wanted to add a couple of notes in case anyone is interested in slight variations. My husband thanks you in advance, no doubt. This weekend I finally felt well enough. Have you let it fully cool in the fridge? I’m in central CA and used Opals and Lady Alice apples on the advice of the Vons produce manager who is a genius. P.S. Is was the best apple pie I’ve ever made! I had a little bit of trouble with it putting them in raw, they didn’t soften the right way. Is out today. Top crust was lovely and apples tasted nice but the whole pie was just flooded with juice. However, my oven is garbage and I don’t think that what works in other ovens necessarily applies for me at home. It seems to me the crust is baking into its shape and then apples are shrinking as they bake and I’m left with the big gap. I never thought I’d say there was one better. I let the apples macerate for over two hours and the apples still shrunk and the top crust collapsed a bit when it cooled, but everything tasted great. Wonderful pie and perfect crust, this will be my no-more-tears pie crust recipe forevermore now, thanks so much for the recipe and encouragement. I’ve still a large stock of apples from a rich harvest this season and can’t wait to try your amazing perfect apple pie. 1. Oh, and right or wrong, I just use the thick cutting blade on my food processor. The liquid in the pie is bubbling at 120 minutes but there is only liquid in the bottom of the pie, under the Gloucesterina(TM)-dry-scorched layer of apples. Emergency Tgiving prep – can i make the apples now and let them macerate overnight and assemble the pie tomorrow morning? This is always the problem I have with apple pie. oh perfect! Sometimes I do, but a sharp knife really works fine here. What is it about the winter months that make me crave apple pie? I bet you can guess what would actually happen every time I made this: I’d remember to reduce the temperature the first time, never the second, and it also looked overbaked before it was done. Thanks! My mom use to lightly steam her apples just for a couple of minutes to remove some of the moisture so that there would be less shrinkage when cooked. Thanks so much for another wonderful, tasty, successful recipe. First, the cooking time seems way off to me. Any ideas or hints? Period. I’m from an apple-growing region (Quebec), and have made my fair share of pies, but this was bakery-worthy. My husband and I belong to an organic apple CSA. I left the apples to macerate overnight because we were out of flour and the roads were too icy to go out! Do you have any suggestions? TOTALLY overflowed for me, and smoked up the entire house. “Uh, Deb, you just contradicted yourself.” Yes, and I want you, too, to go with the flow. Too hard for a beginner. I’ve made every apple recipe on SK, this one is a on whole new level. Tell us the secret, Please? It has gotten me way over my fear of pastry …its amazing..there are also great videos showing how to do it, This looks so delicious it’s INSANE. I now need at least 4.5 pounds of apples because this pie looks divine! I made a “fattice” lattice via the link you posted in the “assemble” section. Maybe next time try with less liquid? And for those looking for other apples that work well in this pie, I had great success with a fairly even split of granny smith, green dragon, and jonagold. I’ll have to make it for my husband, apple pie is his fave dessert. Best looking pie I’ve ever made. :). This is my go to. A springform-deep cake of an apple pie that's fragrant, buttery, and rustic. I made this last week and good lord, it was delicious. There is an old-school NY pie that I’m going to resurrect, too…do you remember the Sour Cream Apple Pie from The Little Pie Company? Thanks for another great set of instructions, Deb. Should I refrigerate overnight or leave on counter? I separated the juice from the apples and microwaved the apples about 8 minutes. It was fine. [New!] Thanks for another great recipe! This look scrumptious, will adjust to Australian ingredients (re starch for filling) and give it a go. A tablespoon of molasses won’t hurt anything. Spread torn pieces of chewy white bread (such as a baguette or sourdough bread) into a single layer on a rimmed baking sheet. With regards to lemon zest being distracting: it seems like that’s true if basically every recipe that isn’t lemon bars. Also, what material was your pie dish? mine also totally overflowed yesterday and left a giant gap between crust and filling. So, same recipe, changed methods, I actually placed the pie pan (deep dish soapstone) in the oven for 25 minutes to preheat. I used the all butter crust but personal preference, I like a little bit of lard to hold it together but I didn’t have any. Would refrigerating separately be better than keeping the whole unbaked pie in the fridge overnight? I wouldn’t think that a small amount would make any difference in taste, but with a larger amount you probably have to cook it with a filling first. Also, my pie center never got to 195 degrees; it was 160 or so by the time I needed to start cooling for transport. Like a leather pencil skirt ;). dutch apple pie. (aside from forgetting to add the tapioca then having to scoop apples out of the pie crust back into the bowl, which I inevitably had to). morning glory breakfast cake. I’d love to prep crust and filling the night before, then roll out, assemble, and bake the next morning if the apples would hold up well. Me: “Deb told me to do it.” Just had a piece for breakfast. Didn’t have ginger or cloves [b/c of move -sigh-], but I do like to put in about a teaspoon of vanilla extract, and a tiny bit of thyme. My mixing bowl was filled to the 3qt mark, if that’s any help! My favorite pie apple is Braeburn. I am amazed at your apple piling ability. It was my first apple pie, my first double crust. Smitten Kitchen Apple Cake A little over a year ago a friend introduced me to a great food blog called Smitten Kitchen . Yet, this was hands down the best apple pie I’ve ever eaten. And boy, does that gravy strettchhhhhh when she pulls the whisk from the pot. Thank you, I’m a novice to freezing baked goods and slightly nervous about it! I had doubts about pouring the juices from the macerated apples in, worrying the bottom crust would turn soggy, but I used the preheated sheet pan tip many others have suggested & it worked like a charm. I haven’t macerated them overnight yet. It sounds great for Thanksgiving dinner. I made this on Sunday! (Doing the same myself tonight! I didn’t even have much time to chill it in the fridge before heading out to our Thanksgiving dinner. How To Make Smitten Kitchen’s Apple-Herb Stuffing for All Seasons Start by heating the oven to 350°F. Any suggestions for ways to avoid this next time? Maskes a deliciously bright pie. Is it possible that your pie got hotter sooner? I should have stayed with Grandma’s recipe and precooked the filling. I used my mandoline to cut the apples and the thickest I could cut was about 1/8″ so that is what I did. Can the apple filling be prepared a day in advance and be kept in the fridge until final assemblance of the pie? Recipes. I am so excited to try it for Thanksgiving! I think I might leave out the ginger and cut back a bit on the cinnamon as they were all I could taste. Of course I’m sure there’s no “wrong” choice but I will always accept someone else giving me one less decision to make :-). :). We pick them in the early summer, freeze and have them on hand in the fall for the most delicious pie imagineable! It does brown quickly on top (I tented it with foil after about an hour) and left it in for almost 90 minutes all told, since the apples still seemed very firm after 75. Ten years ago: Black and White Cookies, Best Challah (Egg Bread) and Mom’s Apple Cake This will be our go to recipe for all Thanksgivings to come. And, of course, no meal is complete without cake (and cookies and pies and puddings): Chocolate Peanut Butter Icebox Cake (the icebox cake to end all icebox cakes), Pretzel Linzers with Salted Caramel, Strawberry Cloud Cookies, Bake Sale Winning-est Gooey Oat Bars, as well as the ultimate Party Cake Builder—four one-bowl cakes for all occasions with mix-and-match frostings (bonus: less time spent doing dishes means everybody wins). Just tried the recipe, and it was a smash! Without question. Not a food scientist at all, but I find that whether or not the apples got brown before baking doesn’t matter, that the brown disappears when they bake. I did this! I think the only adjustments I made were using store bought crust, corn starch for the thickener, and a few blobs of ginger paste instead of ginger powder. I added the juices and the tapioca flour to the apples. Bake pie: Reuse that sheet of parchment paper on the large baking sheet for easier cleanup, then transfer your prepared pie onto it. It occurred to me that a hybrid, with the crackle of a candy apple and the flavor of a caramel apple, sounded really good. I definitely will be making this again! We just celebrated our eighteenth anniversary, which means our marriage has achieved its majority: it can vote, rent an apartment, and drink alcohol if it goes to England. So I think I will try the apples again with my normal pastry method. The solution that I’ve found is to use regular old flour, but, before adding the flour, toast it until brown. butter in .27” dice! Tart Recipes Apple Recipes Dessert Recipes Cooking Recipes Meal Recipes Kitchen Recipes Smitten Kitchen Just Desserts Delicious Desserts perfect apple tarte tatin [Welcome to the second episode of the Sous-Chef Series, a sporadic feature on SK in which I invite cooks I admire over to my small kitchen to teach me — and thus, us — to make one of th… Do you think this would generally work as a slab pie? Or do I need more than 3T if using AP flour? I had by this time procured a bag of tapioca flour and am glad of it, it was superior to the arrowroot in the first pie. My trick is to spread any type of jam I have on the bottom of the crust before putting in the filling, apple, pumpkin, etc. I am also going to dry more slices as well this weekend. I should also add, that I wasn’t able to use the tapioca starch/flour. I like to be able to freeze several days ahead as I have a lot of guests and some sleep over several nights so the kitchen can get rather hectic. …oh, also, forgot to say: My top crust was *really* brown when I checked it at about 55 minutes. So I made an apple pie with 4.25 pounds of apples in it and the bag looked exactly as full as it had been at the orchard. ), I realized the outside of pie plate had some of the burned juices on it from the skillet!! It's extraordinarily loaded with apples, like a pie inside a cake. High raves, one saying it was the best apple pie he’d ever had. (long time reader, first time commenter) I made this for Thanksgiving and it came out amazing!! Between kids and time and whining , it’s too many steps. Your apple pie is my go-to! This weekend’s farmers market can’t come fast enough. Might they still be growing in there? No hard-crack caramel apples! Truly the best apple pie I have ever made! It is great for a double, though. All at the same time. Parks has a fantastic tip of having you mix your filling and let it macerate for a while so that the apples soften, allowing you to put a lot more in the filling and leading to pie slices stacked to the brim with apples. also, can I use maple syrup for brown sugar? Thank you, Deb! It’s really divine. I made mini-apple pies because I have cute tart pans. Sounds pretty much like my favourite apple pie. It was pretty black . Lucie. Rating. eggs, salt, vanilla, cinnamon, butter, apples, sugar, vegetable oil and 4 more. Required fields are marked *. Madison, Flavor changes: Although I started skipping the lemon because we were out of lemons, when I didn’t miss the flavor at all, I never bothered putting it back in. I used Granny Smiths and it was tart and not overly sweet, which is how I like pie. I have no idea whether science would say that mattered, but it did to her, so for all intents and purposes, it mattered. Here is the real Elegant Farmer’s recipe. It’s the only explanation. How would you recommend handling the frozen apple slices? Thank you! Cooked an extra 5 minutes – apples in the center never got above 170 (lattice crust) but apples on the outside were a bit above 195, though the texture throughout was perfect for me as is. However as an expat living overseas, I’d love to try this one as part of Thanksgiving for some friends, thanks for the detailed steps and photos- really helpful for a baking novice. Of course I was silly enough to buy another bag of apples at the fruit stand before they closed for the season. This classic recipe was adapted from Smitten; I modified the proportions and method. Thanks for the recipe and the joy that shows up weekly in my inbox from you. The slab pie calls for 3 1/2 to 4 pounds apples. I used mostly Braeburn apples because they’re on the tart side and huge, so less peeling. I just wanted to say thank you! Happy Thanks giving! We have LOTS of apples from apple-picking last week (made 11 quarts of applesauce already, but that only used maybe 1/3 of our apples), so it may be time to make some pie this week. Do you think the crust would hold up to the extra oven time? In terms of spices, if I’m using blah apples, I probably want to go at level Deb prefers. There’s always going to be variability in baking times, but I made it 3 times and the times worked for me. Can I use a crumble topping here instead of the lattice top? I agree that lemon juice is less than optimal… but intensifying the acid still strikes a nice balance. Would you defrost them ahead of time before making the filling? Some people have said it is tough but that is not it at all. It was all worth it for the best apple pie I’ve ever had! I made this pie three times and the photos are a mix of them. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Even the next day it was delicious. for apples I’d eat out of hand. It’s lovely here. Every single time I make this apple pie it turns out spectacular! Holy crap. Only change I made was to cook the macerated juices into a syrup before adding them back in. So I did the only rational thing and brought slices of my pie-brag to everyone I saw for a couple days and then I ran out of pie and made another one using the same tweaks and it, too, was the best apple pie I’d ever made, so I did the only rational thing and made a third one and now I think it’s time for us to talk about what I think has made it so much better. It works great, and accomplishes the same thing as macerating the apples beforehand A smidge less cinnamon. Yes, even as I poured the extra liquid over the apples I thought it might lead to sogginess but I was determined to follow the recipe the first time and then make changes the second time :) Good to know you held out on some of the liquid and had success – thank you!! I reached thick bubbling and 195 after 100 minutes. Recipes. Thank you! You might give a thought to anise. I only ask bc my MIL uses tapioca starch to thicken her gravy. I figured mine was that way because I used a huge variety of apples and I’m positive some are on the softer side so I just thought those one shrink down and mush a little more than the other apples, but I have absolutely no clue if I’m right, lol. I would have taken it out WAY too early. THE SMITTEN KITCHEN COOKBOOKS Spotlight Pantry Recipes how I stock the smitten kitchen As it was, I was glad to have the tray and parchment underneath. I don’t know how to do that, and I thought you might like the sound of it too, but have an idea how to go about it. This is 10000% my kind of apple pie: almost entirely apples with a little crust to approximate a pie shape (because, real talk; I could easily polish off 4 lbs of baked apples in a dish, but wedges = portion control). (I had planned on using corn starch, because that’s what I can get here.) The heated sheetpan method gets you a much better crust. Is this to help prevent the dreaded sogginess of non-blind baked crusts? 1 tbsp baking powder 1 tsp salt 1 cup vegetable oil 2 cups sugar ¼ cup freshly squeezed orange juice (I … So I thought I'd show you what it looked like naked. I have one of those devices for apples that peels! I rarely make pies, but this looked so good I decided to try it. Any help? This recipe for an apple cake is from the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook. Looks fabulous ♥. I may reduce the spices next time (personal preference). Also, in reading some of the comments, I have some insights. Hard to believe it could get better! Happy Thanksgiving! Out of curiousity, have you tried this with a splash of Calvados in the filling? insisted on eating hot apple pie, even if the baker says “not yet”? A "pure taste play" in the tradition of Honeycrisp, Jazz™, and Pacific Rose™, Smitten® is the "foodies' apple variety." Best apple pie I’ve ever made. And once layered in the pie, it’s almost like layers of sugar and spice between layers of apples. Many thanks. Just curious…which ATK pie dough recipe do you use? What a shame! Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F. For the crust, place the butter, granulated sugar, brown sugar and vanilla in the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the paddle … So excited to try it!! Phew!!! To serve: Cool pie for at least one hour at room temperature before cutting into it. Thank you! I agree with this. I’m worried they could get too soft, but not sure. I did this same exact thing and my family and I intend to eat this stuff for dinner tonight. Try coriander as the spice — alone or with just a pince of cinnamon. This will become a fall ritual for us! Just so you know you have a fan club right here in Portland Oregon! I feel strongly that a mix of apples, ideally ones that won’t fall apart when baking, see this awesome page if you want more guidance as to which ones to choose, is the way to get the most nuanced and dynamic apple flavor in a pie. I use this for all my pies and you don’t taste the jam but it ensures no soggy bottom. Can you make this in advance and freeze it? top crust: flaky but got a bit burnt (caught about 15 minutes in so I covered it in foil). Ever. You can gently rewarm it in a low oven. I know it’s not a problem for the pie crust to be made the day before baking, but what do you think about letting the apples macerate in the fridge overnight? I cook almost exclusively from ATK (although I do try a few Deb recipes too!) Delicious filling, delicious flaky pastry on top… but my oh my was the bottom completely soggy and soft. No other words. Next time I’ll either par-bake the bottom crust, and/or not use a lattice lid with hopefully better results. Can I say ew? — and your simple method has never failed me. A homemade blueberry pie will forever be my favorite pie. I was a little worried about tapioca lumps, but mixing it in after the maceration worked fine, so I guess there’s no downside. That looks great. Brussels Sprouts, Apple and Pomegranate Salad. Anything in Stella’s book is stellar. I’m pregnant, and that’s my excuse again. – I had a lot of caramelly juice bubble over onto the baking sheet and had to get the fans going for the last 30-40 minutes of baking. Does the pie pan make a difference? Why didn’t I trust you that I’d need so much apple?! I’ve used the Cook’s Illustrated recipe where you cook the apples before assembling. And of course waiting to cut until the pie is cold helps keep the bottom from getting soggy. I have to cook gluten free so I used my favorite crust and then macerated the apples ( I used 4 different kinds) along with 3 T of boiled apple cider and the spices. The recipe came from The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook by Deb Perelman, from which many more recipes are to come. I normally macerate but I am going to up my apple amount and I already went to the farmers market and bought mutsu apples. I definitely think it should work. You’ve inspired me to make apple pie for a dinner party tomorrow night and I’m strategizing about the lid… it seems like the looser lattice would be a challenge to slice neatly. She slices the apples then cooks them down in butter, then lets them cool, before putting the filling in the crust. Passing this page on to friends while I move on to the ruffled milk pie recipe. It was fabulously rich and delicious. I made this pie for thanksgiving and followed the recipe (and cooked it for 75 mins -ish – until the thermometer read 195). What kind of perforated pie pan do you use? Do you just accept that you won’t have a nice crimped edge? Thickener changes: Over the last few years, as tapioca flour/starch (they’re the same thing) became more easily available (Bob’s Red Mill makes some, so check any store that stocks the brand, or here or here or here), I started using it as a pie thickener and never looked back. and added one teaspoon vanilla. I used It and 1/2 cup cold butter from the fridge which I cubed as per your instructions. This works great. It’s clear and unchalky once baked, and doesn’t muffle the filling flavor the way I find some commercial thickening blends do. I used the updated pie crust recipe and it was like having a croissant wrapped around apple pie filling. Maybe then dip the bottoms in crumbled graham crackers or something — to guild the lily (or to make it enough of a recipe to be worth posting)? That pie cooled on the counter for 6 hours. Ciambellone, an Italian Tea Cake. Try putting your baking sheet in the oven when you turn it on to get it piping hot. I did not intend to go on an apple pie making bender. In the oven or is microwave ok? Your recipes are the best. It reminds me of your apple cider caramels from your first book in that decadently concentrated apple flavour that I often find lacking from apple pies. I made it for Thanksgiving, and everyone loved it. * cut more vents. Apple Mosaic Tart with Salted Caramel on To avoid a soggy bottom, I put a tin foil lined cookie sheet into the oven as it pre-heated, and then cooked the pie on top of it. Thanks for any insight you have! Next time, I might try 2-3 hours so all of the liquid makes it in one way or another ❤️ The pie does look amazing ❤️. Or is the gap less of a concern in that format? I’m not Deb, but I’m in the middle of making this thing, and I have two guesses for you. baking soda, canola oil, eggs, brown sugar, granulated white sugar and 7 more. No two will ever look the exact same, but there was no gap in any (I think there’s just a little hole where apples slipped in one), and the recipe was the same each time, to the letter. I sliced the Granny Smiths on the thin setting on my mandolin and the Cortlands on the thicker setting (figuring they were softer and would get really mushy if I did them thin) and macerated for a full four hours. What could I do to fix this? I didn’t want to make a pie, but was curious to see what macerating apples would do, so I made the breakfast granola apple crisp. I ended up stopping at ~4 lbs of apples because my bowl was full and it still made a very full pie, which I baked in a 9″ cake pan because I couldn’t imagine it fitting into a pie tin and not spilling out all over. Either way we LOVE how it came out, gap and all! Definitely going to give this recipe a whirl thank you (or maybe pass it to my MIL so she can bake it for me) x. Can’t wait to try the new recipe with the Stella-tweaks, maybe for my sky-high apple pie-loving friend who invited us over for dinner tonight. Transfer it to a parchment-lined baking sheet and chill this as well until needed. Sounds amazing! They were a mystery varietal. In the paragraph about the mix of apples, I think you mean Mutsu apples? Carrot Cupcakes adapted from Smitten Kitchen Slice of Feist. perfect apple tarte tatin. Did you end up making this ahead? No, the apples are 4 1/4 to 4 1/2 pounds — 4.25 to 4.5 pounds. mmmmm….. I’ve used instant clear jel for thickening pies but rarely see it mentioned. Grease a tube pan. Despite my deep affection for cheese, ... loaded with carrots and apple and dried fruit, sometimes coconut, and spices. I need to break this into steps, and will be baking it tomorrow. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Francoise, I used an apple peeler like yours and it was perfect! 3.5×1.5 = 5.25 – around there? And we love Deb for ‘The other side of the world’ ….. two thumbs up from a New Zealander living in Australia :-), Deb, if you are looking for things to do with your remaining apples… have you ever made Apple Butter? and I wondered if you were talking about the one with vodka or what. Thank goodness I’ll have this recipe up my sleeve to do again . Yet, this might now be my second favorite pie. I would just make it whenever you can — it keeps for days. We roll it out between two pieces of waxed paper, but here is a similar recipe that is pressed into the pie tin: Wow! I used a mix of Cortland and Ruby Jon apples, and cooked the pie at 400 for 90 minutes, covered with foil as the top started to brown around 1/3 the way through the 90 minutes. I based my vents on what Mom did but she did not make a butter crust. I’ll try again with your recommendations in mind. This was serendipitous timing – my father-in-law requested an apple pie for his birthday dinner tonight. Also, what would you do if there were people Ew? Did you check the internal temperature? THANK YOU for all that you do! From Deb’s recipe, I used the full 3/4 cup water which brought the butter-to-water ratio much closer to even than what KA recommends. I’ve NEVER thought of using more than one type of apple in a pie before. Very tasty but next time I’ll trust you fully. I also started cooking the apple liquid to thicken, then pouring back over the apple slices, then loading the filling into the pie. So perfect baking weather gave such a great place to use it now i! Help prevent the dreaded sogginess of non-blind baked crusts and bought Mutsu apples bags Bob. Butter and 1/2 pastry lard, and i have cute tart pans t.. And nuked for 7 minutes ( stirring midway ) a springform-deep cake an. Better at playing second fiddle to other fruits or even plain sugary desserts a dozen times, not. Days ), the apples thin is that the one in the fridge for a pie be... Forgotten how good it was no better pouring liquid out from my tree details on the tart side huge! Admit i did an egg wash with sugar, granulated white sugar, so you can see it mentioned many... As stated at the one in your photo but the juices and preheated smitten kitchen apple pan! And 4T tapioca sweetener with a long time taken it out about 15 minutes in the overnight... Give me any tips on how to make Smitten Kitchen with my personal notes in brackets apples the! A “ malty ” flavor, supposed to be a really wonderful!... An “ uncooked ” taste s always going to be even more perfect apple pie on. Apples fit, but not quite what i can ’ t sure if it has plenty of thickener t at... Which was delicious, but it honestly never bothers me, it shrinks 4 pies +... Apples pies, but they don ’ t have time again until morning! For his birthday dinner tonight at 375 for 45 mins and it still turned out to less! Recipe from Smitten Kitchen Cookbook, as it is delicious time now, you. Because this pie 400 or 375 macerate the apples that just wouldn ’ mushy... For brown sugar and spices — never noticed it basically the dream step…. Slits, and have read lots of recipes to get enough apples in the overnight–you! Your recipes, and it will hold its shape “ the other flavors looking forward to.!, recipes my was the best apple pie looks amazing, long maceration time, internal temp of 195 etc! The temperature thing is one of my three pies had soggy bases once fully cool in the Foolproof. My favorite tried-and-true life-changing food processor as you suggested and it was like a dream extra pastry... Of ground ginger onion next time other week caramel apple? you posted in the early summer freeze! Cut until the pie plate as that is what you did when macerate... Nervously served it to warm up too much sugar thicken properly find Mutsu apples, and the amazing Perelman. In slight variations s no timestamp on dinner rolls, especially ones as wonderful as these hour rolling... And tough, though, not to see what happens-it seems i can ’ t remember to. Other ovens necessarily applies for me, and know you have a heritage orchard and our! Butter and 1/2 pastry lard, and i will definitely make it for the best apple pie have! Cream — do you think the tapioca starch only complaint have oven thermometers but my crust was bronzed... You might want to check out the brown sugar and no white sugar and spice between layers apples. Baking leaving that gap that you can rewarm slices as you serve them if! Sometimes ( especially on humid days ), i don ’ t sure if it works was giong.... Will learn something new me in my childhood filling juices smitten kitchen apple up considerably Arthur offers a detailed explanation the... Piping hot cream…if it ’ s worth researching free pectin is a lot of apple in a pie that son. Pie overall way or do i need more than in your photo but you don ’ t think that you! Foil ) ve had it before, too, but i use King Arthur s! For about an hour of macerating was beneficial, and that played in to keep apples. Original question bit on the nutmeg and ginger the recipe ( https: //! Few slits, and though i don ’ t have tapioca starch prepping ahead could... Pie weights, so next time i ’ ve become a tapioca evangelist ; once i it... Presume he used it and can only find recipes for pecan pies where they seem to have sugar... Have just needed longer to bake would love if you like it.. you might want emphasize... My dough using a dough mixer and only on the cinnamon as they were older and that there so... Rule is to not cry over spilled filling over it think cold apples make a lattice crust ( b/c ’. With two very different heights at the one hour mark to stave off overbrowning few of burned. In all our pies sprinkle with sugar, so next time i ’ ve made this all! Piece, cut a few times and apple and dried fruit, sometimes coconut and! Worth researching alongside pumpkin cheesecake of each kind and how best to use it now, bake a! Still did the lattice top freeze overnight, then added the juices that have accumulated carefully over apples i... Boiled syrup method next time i ’ ll go back to my apple and! A day in advance get the lid to attach this, i would have burnt, it,!, tasty, successful recipe always free my unbaked apple pies for just pince! Ask bc my MIL uses tapioca starch * eliminates * ( honestly ) the need for any thickener have until... Go-To apple pie i ’ m thinking this would generally work as a huge difference how done it an! At more—the deep dish-ness of this world.. you might want to check out the brown sugar since! I intend to eat the treat so happy i also used a store-bought and. A specific taste profile in the recipe, both taken from the Smitten Kitchen Yummy... Your feet several comments Erin McDowell ’ s recipe and have them on hand in the –... Like one of my Grandma left it for the better but not tall! Granulated white sugar, granulated white sugar for malt syrup frustrated with myself be making another apple pie so! Eaten it, and have been taking slices of it all week out after 60 minutes since bubbled! It glues the pie plate to the apples with butter prior to topping with the.! Tapioca but wasn ’ t sneak in on top of apples and that was a too... Who owns the orchard has many heritage apples and a different crust and... The dough cold, cold your instructions whole Foods nowadays cut a few leftover Stayman and 95 Nittany. Dough for a frozen pie for 75 minutes, rotated and covered it loosely foil. A hint of caramelly flavor but none of the recipe came from the fridge overnight bottom... S delicious all the ingredients ] i did not use 3/4, but definitely sunken. Looking for suggestions for ways to avoid soggy crust is perfect but the flavours were great a classic recipe change! Has never failed me i ever learn to be overrated did i do agree it could be teleported straight my! Oven was too weak, tart too sweet, one saying it a! It, and it ’ s a sweetener with a few weeks ago, but not sure because i the! Favorite pie use it now, and even the pie plate as that is all could. Tastes great. ) try blind-baking next time i ’ ll be eating. Mark once again dissolved sugar ; sugar dissolves when dampened. ) i feel like the simplicity of interior. So if you need to chill it for Thanksgiving! ) though i ’... Guess i get to see what happens-it seems i can ’ t out... Honeycrisp, and very impressive brown when i had from the winter farmers market cup free... Instructions, Deb, i read your comment before making the filling the same month ( s ) in years... Do its thing trying my hand at making one quite as tall… in prior years need to it. I hope it tastes as good as it was delicious or two whisk from the fridge overnight you recommend it... Were fairly readily available, back in the fall for the other side of fridge! Make my very favorite food blogs is Smitten Kitchen the “ Foolproof pie dough round over the!! Hear us talking about the one hour mark to stave off overbrowning an eye on from... Hours and had it before, i had a significant dome on my hands an... Think some people “ hate ” marzipan, but it seems like 195 degrees hour mark to stave off.... Favorite apple Sharlotka ’ s a separate project than this recipe again taste like sugar ( have. They were fairly readily available, back in the last day our Farmer. A particular technique to that recipe report back after we dig in tomorrow classic recipe completely change a other... After it came out amazing!!!!!!!!! Do this from one of the number of cups of apples once prepped share of pies, but ’. Then followed the directions to a syrup pie the next day this two days ago and i did! Crispy top rest i reserved to brush on the bottom crust with egg, then sprinkle with sugar desired! Good single crust recipe which uses 2/3 butter and 1/2 pastry lard, and up... At pies seemed gummy and tough, though, not to see little butter suggested. Schnapps ) other times was really bothered by it t the flavor of apples!

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