Fiberglass, plastics, … Blickrylic Student Acrylic Paint is a true acrylic paint, priced for the budget-minded. Odorless, dries to a permanent finish and creates sensational sparkle. Only pure, high solid resins are used, with no fillers, retarders, opacifiers, or bulking agents. Ideal for pouring, puddling, and dripping, Golden Matte Fluid Acrylics can also be used as an alternative to watercolors for staining, and for spray a... Add sparkle and shine to your next painting or mixed media project. The layers of paint bind to one another very well because of their good adhesive qualities. Pebeo High Viscosity Studio Acrylic Paints are the ultimate mixed media acrylic! Amsterdam Acrylics have the viscosity, pigmentation level, and lightfastness that professionals demand. Acrylic paints dry quickly because they are water based. No hardener is included with this gallon of paint color, but using hardener is highly recommended to achieve a harder, glossier and more durable final paint finish. Fluid Acrylics — also called flow or soft body acrylics — have a lower viscosity but generally have the same heavy pigmentation as heavy body acrylics. Acryla Designer Gouache is a fast-drying, opaque acrylic based watercolor paint. Acrylic paints are ideal for folk art techniques, or decorative painting on wood, terra cotta and metal. Liquitex Soft Body Acrylics were the first fine artist's acrylics sold commercially in the United States. The waterbased, brush-on glitter acrylic paint is speciall... An all-around paint suitable for a wide variety of materials. Artist acrylics adhere well to canvas, and have a flexible binder. Liquitex Professional Heavy Body Acrylics are made to have an exceptionally smooth, thick, buttery consistency. Proudly crafted in the Netherlands, these acrylic paints are value priced and easy to use, making them an excellent choice for the beginning or intermediate artist. Pebeo High Viscosity Studio Acrylic Paints are the ultimate mixed media acrylic! NOTE: Kit Not Available for purchase in California. for students, novices, and aspiring artists. Made in the USA. Waterbased and easy to clean with soap and water when wet, they dry to a permanent, waterproof finish. Multi-purpose, creamy, consistent, and flexible paint for anything from finger painting to print- making (even screen printing on T-shirts, using Textile Medium). For consistent texture, viscosity, drying time, and finish, Pebeo Extra-Fine Artist Acrylics can’t be outdone. If acrylic paint dries in a brush it is very hard to get out without using strong solvents that might damage the brush. A container for water No harmful pigments, and is cadmium and cobalt-free. Formulated with the high... Chromacryl Fluid Acrylic is a highly pigmented acrylic that offers the same high quality as Chromacryl Student Acrylic but with a flowing consistency that enables quick, broad coverage of large surfaces as well as expressive techniques such as splashing, spraying, and overlaying. Use Holbein Mat Acrylics directly as a painting medium or as a ground for oil, tempera, aqueous colors, or other acrylics. Every color offers outstanding lightfastness and exceptional covering power. Available in a variety of bri... Chroma Atelier Interactive Artists' Acrylic Paints and Sets. A buttery, oil paint-like texture holds impasto brush and palette marks when dry, and a high pigment concentration assures strong color power and covering power. Utrecht Artists' Acrylic Paint - Titanium White, Gallon ... Zoom Titanium White. Mix it with acrylic colors to create an iridescent luster, or apply the acrylic medium by itself f... Amsterdam Standard Series Acrylic Paints and Sets. These 25 vivid colors are rich in pigment, and they have a thick, tube-like viscosity. Emerald Interior also offers a new flat finish with excellent washability, plus high-hiding accent bases in matte and satin. GOLDEN High Flow Acrylics and Fluid Acrylics blend easily into … Create unique mixed media projects and more with DecoArt Media Acrylic Misters. Buy It Now +$16.90 shipping. Available in both artist- and student-grade, there's a fluid acrylic for every artist and budget. Lascaux Studio Acrylics offer excellent lightfastness, brilliance, and intensity at an economical price. They resist oxidization and chemical decomposition, and will not yellow over time. Tri-Art Liquid Glass Pouring Colors are designed for optimal pouring results — they’re formulated to exact proportions to ensure consistent suspension... Crafted by hand at Utrecht's paint mill in Brooklyn, New York, these high-quality, professional-grade paints are made using only the finest permanent pigments for remarkable vibrancy, good tinting strength, pure mixing results, and excellent lightfastness — at a price every artist can afford. They’re formulated with fine pigments and an acrylic copolymer emulsion that results a creamy, self-leveling paint film. It has a high pigment load and dries to a low gloss finish. There is 1,000s of colors of Blacks. Mix fluid acrylics with mediums to thicken them for impasto work or to thin them for glazing applications. ... DICK BLICK ACRYLIC PAINT, THREE 2 OUNCE TUBES, PHTHALOCYANINE GREEN. americana® neons fluorescent acrylic paint $2.49 Save 20% with code 20MADEBYYOU 40 Colors. Pure pigments, including cadmiums. BLICK BLICKRYLIC BL CK Blickrylic is a true acrylic paint, priced for the budget-minded. Each color is manufactured in small batches, using a... Maimeri Brera Artist Acrylic Paints and Sets. Dries water-resistant, flexible, and with permanent adhesive properties. It's the perfect product for painting old furniture and fl... Americana Decor Texture Paint has a high-viscosity, heavy body formula that makes it easy to create texture and dimension on a wide variety of surfaces. A buttery, oil paint-like texture holds impasto brush and palette ma... Blickrylic Student Acrylic Paints and Sets. Specially designed for cosplay and costuming, Plaid FX Flexible Acrylic Paint is high-quality, non-cracking, and super durable for long-term wear. Brilliant metallic colors - the best and brightest, at the best price! These fluid, extra-fine acrylic colors are highly concentrated and have an ultra matt finish. Versatile, easy-to-use paints are an excellent choice for color theory instruction and other educational uses. Createx has improved upon its original acrylic line formerly sold as Createx Poster and Fabric Colors. A product can be certified non-toxic only if it contains no materials in sufficient quantities to be toxic or injurious to humans, or to cause acute or chronic health problems. Create relief and contour effects with Sennelier Abstract Liners. Only 16 left in stock (more on the way). Choose from our wide selection of colors. Perfect for home or schools. Acrylic Urethane Paint Basecoat - Starfire Gallons. Gloss Medium contains the same high quality polymer emulsion that is used as a binder for the acrylic colors. Shop the lowest prices on professional and student sets, metallic and iridescent color assortments, and introduction packs. Clean brushes promptly by washing them with warm water and mild soap when finished painting. You can squeeze paint directly onto canvas, paper, panels, and any other suitable surface — ideal for urban art, large murals, or abstract expressionism. No harmful pigments, and ... Made in Brooklyn, New York, Utrecht Studio Series Acrylic Paints are milled using the same intense pigments and quality vehicles as Utrecht's professional acrylic line but in a medium viscosity formulation that provides an economical choice for the budget-minded artist and educator. Their creamy consistency and uniform satin fi... Lascaux's brilliant metallic shades are made from real metallic powders and the finest select acrylic polymers. GOLDEN Gesso Pastel Ground 1 gallon …with GOLDEN Acrylic Paints to achieve colored grounds. A combination of price and performance makes Blick Studio Acrylics a great value for students and beginning artists. Make your EVA foam, thermoplastic, and 3-D print projects dazzle with Plaid FX Hi-Voltage Glitter Flexible Acrylic Paint. The old saying Black is Black, is not true. Complete 1 Gallon Restoration Shop Acrylic Lacquer Auto Paint Kit with Medium Dry Thinner. Box 1267 Galesburg, IL 61402-1267. The versatile fluid colors have a low-viscosity formula and brush on as a smooth, even film. Portfolio Series Acrylics are ideal for traditional acrylic painting and applications as varied as airbrushing, printmaking, and marbling, without chemical additives. From heavy body acrylic paint to student-grade, plus fluid acrylics, acrylic craft paint, and acrylic gouache. Create the perfect low-tooth base for a variety of media. What is the difference between artist and student grade acrylics? It's the perfect product for painting old furniture and flea market finds, or upcycling virtually any object. Used alone, or mixed with other a... Golden Open Acrylics offer an escape from the studio, allowing acrylic artists to experience the warm sun and fresh spring breeze of plein air painting. Blick is a great option for students and beginning artists on a budget, available in a wide range of different colors and hues. These fine paints are prized by pr... Winsor & Newton Professional Acrylic Paints and Sets. Generally, we suggest waiting at least a week before varnishing your painting. Available in sets of Basic Colors, Metallic Colors and Assorted Colors. Zoom Blick Artists Acrylic Gloss Medium 1 gallon bucket Current price: $ 0.00 Blick’s Best Price. They are very stable. It appears as bright paint under ordinary lighting, yet turns fluorescent under black light. Great for grounds and layering. An exciting substi... Da Vinci Fluid Acrylics are an exciting fusion of Da Vinci's most distinguished watercolor hues, and colors traditionally found on acrylic palettes. Fleur Chalky Look Paint is made with minerals that refract and diffuse light on the painted surface, delivering vibrant color with an exceptionally matte finish. Heavy paper and canvas are also excellent surfaces. They are ideally suited for brushwork, fabric painting, and screen printing. Artists looking for acrylic colors with guaranteed quality and lightfastness will find what they're looking for in Brera Acrylics. Chroma Atelier Interactive Artists' Acrylics are the world's only acrylic paints that can be used for conventional acrylic painting techniques, but wh... Golden A-Z Acrylic Sets include a selection of Golden Heavy Body Acrylics, Fluid Acrylics, Open Acrylics, and High Flow Acrylics, as well as pastes, gels, and mediums.