When I have too much to prove, I choose joy, I choose joy. But couldn’t ask ’cause you were down This is the year for joining hands, Gone are the lonely nights of yearning Would I be grateful? These days I refuse to plant in rows They’ll say, “Why were you not more like your own self? Let it breathe in me, let it breathe in me, He gave it back to the man and said, “I believe this belongs to you.”, I will lift you up and do what I can do Every day another day Heal the world, make it a better place For you and for me and the entire human race. High up on the mountain, the stone is rolled away. Have been with us since life’s beginning Take the time to listen Love forevermore, Love forevermore, When the sky turns black and your thoughts turn blue, Sailing thru the velvet night [ on Anthony’s The Great Awakening • Buy mp3 from Empower Music & Arts ], Yes, I Am – words and music by Daniel Nahmod, Yes I am here to learn Up from the earth, I call the healing power. I am the presence of God. Come broken, come whole, Without ever knowing why. My mind is willing and my heart is open wide. The phrase “each other” has no present tense All day long, may I walk. The light of God, the light of God surrounds me, surrounds me. I know that it’s true when all that I am comes down to you. Is a God given privilege? Where was the river before the rain? Everybody wonders what they were put here for For the Prince of Paradise plays here tonight, Bring your sheep bleating to this happy meeting I lift my eyes, the cloud grows thin; Yo navego en tí, tu navegas en mí, It’ll make you tired and sick [On Erin’s Rising High, Going Deep • Buy CD or mp3:  CDBaby], The Newborn King – Words and music by Peggy Vogel-Nagengast. is like looking for shooting stars in the sky I am with you now as I have always been All that I am, God, I give to you. Love is all around us, we are one. My ridiculous conclusion >. My God is a gentle dancing god What if that day never comes? Love, love alone is power All life’s precious gifts are here But with every breath within us, That are born of faith, May I use the gifts Peace is ours for the making. This is the year I look above, This is the year that I take my intention Is a blessing to the world. But life’s not just your history Where one love would end and one would start Trying to keep the sorrow from hardening your hearts, We’ve got to love, We’ve got to love Lift me up! And could it be that it was always only you That you taught me right from wrong. And once we learn to speak it USA and Canada)/Almo Music Corp./Irving Music, Inc./Gracey Rhodes Productions, Inc. (BMI). What of the miracles we fail to notice? From out the darkness Why had they entered my dark, lonely home? When I try too hard and feel so empty We are living in the heart of God Some will get jealous if things go your way bring stuff for you I am filled with the light of a thousand angels, When Thy song flows through me. Pero el mundo ne-ce-sita But we live in the same world, But the world has some problems: Patrick D.R.S And The Books New Web Site, Minister's Letter -Bye Bye 2020 and a thankful greeting for 2021, Faith the Perceiving Power of the MindThe Gift of Life, Going Virtual – Facebook, YouTube and Zooming, Notes From A Skylark - Short Thoughts-Schuyler Cronley Co-founder of USLC, A New Dawn is Rising - Live Streaming on YouTube and Facebook Live, Unitys Healing Hands Sessions Are Amazing. where the sun shines bright. In the Season of Light, May your uncle Charlie finally give up cigars There’s nothing that I need to say.